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Many business leaders experience on a regular basis that making the right decisions is difficult. What should you base your decisions on? Previous experience? Other people’s experience? Stomach feeling? The needs and views of employees? Assumptions?

Sometimes you get lucky and make the right choice. At other times, not.

Over the last couple pof years, we have been flooded with information. There is more than enough information both from your own organisation and from the outside, to provide a steady basis for good decisions. But at the same time, labor is expensive, and it is likely that we are not staffed with sufficient analytical personnel.

Recover Nordic: «BI har blitt et uunnværlig verktøy for oss».



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Business Intelligence (BI) are tools and processes that identify, compile and analyze business information. The purpose is to provide support for better business decisions . BI systematically monitors your business activities and processes, and provides you with valuable information you need to plan efficient operations. You get good reports, and the information is always real-time and available to everyone in the company.

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Skill Core BI – improved income and higher efficiency through focus on business opportunities

Skill Core BI – tailor made for business management and efficiency metrics throughout the chain-of-value.

Skill Core BI – automated real-time reporting. User controlled, distributed and notified

Skill Core BI – adhoc deep dive analysis

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

• Cloud based business analytics service
• Provides quick access to your data
• Interactive dashboard
• Real-time reports
• Available to everyone in the business
• Easy to share data with colleagues
• Available on the device you prefer
• Purchased stand-alone or as part of Office 365

Skill Core is a certified Microsoft Gold ERP Partner and a supplier of Power BI.

Can you afford to make the wrong decisions for your business?

Do you really dare to use spreadsheets for business analysis?

We are a certified supplier of Power BI.

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